About the Youves Improvement Proposals category

The Youves Improvement Proposals forum is the place to submit, consider, and discuss formal governance proposals for Youves.

Please be aware, that in this category we only accept finished formal proposals which include a lambda to be executed after a vote. If you have questions about the youves DAO process, please read the documentation about the youves DAO. Ideas which are not finished proposals, should be published in the Idea category.

If you want to submit a formal YIP, please make sure to use this template (View on IPFS), as it will make sure you include all necessary information. It is written in markdown and the resulting text can easily be copied into a new forum post. Also make sure to give your proposal a catchy, self-explanatory title.

Make sure the community has time to review your proposal, before you submit it on-chain. Otherwise you risk your proposal being downvoted.

Markus from your Youves team