YIP template to be used for a formal DAO proposal

If you want to submit a formal YIP, please make sure to use this template (View on IPFS), as it will make sure you include all necessary information.

This template is written in markdown and the resulting text can easily be copied into a new forum post. Also make sure to give your proposal a catchy, self-explanatory title. The same template can be used for the final submit to the DAO - you will essentially post the same here in the forum as on the DAO frontend.

You can either download the template from (IPFS) above or see it here:

Author: Jon Dao, @johndao (Forum), @johndao1337 (Twitter)
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First publication date: 2023/04/20


The summary briefly sums up what intention the YIP has and what changes the YIP will introduce. E.g.: Currently minting on the uBTC engine seems to be not attractive enough. In oder to make it more attractive to mint uBTC we propose to lower the interest rate on all uBTC V3 engines engines to Y%.


The rationale explains why the author thinks the YIP will add value to the youves platform and it’s users. It offers any DAO participant enough information to understand:


The intention of the change: What benefits does it provide? What problems will it solve? What is the motivation behind the change?


Ideally the rationale also includes supporting data that was either used for the analysis or that project the effects of the change into the future. Pictures, graphs, diagrams tables can be included to the extent it makes sense.

A nice graph which helps to understand the rationale:


If data was acquired through a certain methodology, then this methodology should be explained too.

In short, everything should be mentioned that other DAO participands need in order to understand the proposal and the changes it will introduce.


Specify the proposed change(s) that will be made by this proposal. What parameters/contracts/factors will be changed? Are there new contracts introduced?

Or a table with parameters, values or projections:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Text Text Text


Source code in SmartPy (or any other language used)

The source code of the lambda should be published here or a link to the source code in a repository should be offered, so the code can be reviewed by other members of the community.

Link to GitHub repo with the source code

class HenReunionContract(sp.Contract):

    def __init__(self, metadata, end_party):
        """Initializes the contract.
        # Define the contract storage data types for clarity
            # The contract metadata
            metadata=sp.TBigMap(sp.TString, sp.TBytes),
            # The timestamp when the party ends
            # The participants bigmap
            participants=sp.TBigMap(sp.TAddress, sp.TUnit)))

        # Initialize the contract storage

Compiled Michelson code

The compiled Michelson code of the above SmartPy code should be offered as well so other users can compare if the code above would compile to the same Michelson code. You can also place that in an external repo and link to it, especially if you have multiple pieces of code etc.

 { { DROP ;
    NIL operation ;
    PUSH address "KT1J4CiyWPmtFPXAjpgBezM5hoVHXHNzWBHK" ;
    CONTRACT %set_administrator (pair address nat) ;
    IF_NONE { PUSH int 253 ; FAILWITH } {} ;
    PUSH mutez 0 ;
    PUSH (pair address nat) (Pair "tz1V28Zqfftk8o6ehc5UdJPzuyZW99yJ4Gj5" 0) ;
    CONS } }

SHA256 Hash of the Michelson code

Please provide a SHA256 Hash of the above Michelson code here.


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